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Welcome to my webpage !

This is mainly a place where I just say out loud what I think. Sometimes you’ll see pictures and eye-candy-like media but most of the time you’ll only have plain text...and in English at that !

Yeah, sorry about French people, I’ve made a lot of friends overseas so English is a more convenient langage.
On a side note, I generally publish a translated version of all my articles in French by the next week the English version is up. So bear with me and practice your English reading skills while waiting =).
You can check up the French version of the site by clicking on the link on the upper right corner of the banner.

This site focuses on delivering my point of view but feel free to comment on anything discussion worthy. I’ll appreciate more comments from your part !

DISCLAIMER : All images and pictures have been used without any authorizations and are probably copyrighted to their rightful owners. If you are one of them (owners) and don’t like the use I’ve made of your pictures, just let me know and I’ll just stop using them.


The most recent articles

The most recent articles


My First Time at a Casino

Monday 1 February 2010 by legendary_totoro
Just came back from a 12 days trip to New-Zealand with my family and I took the opportunity to step into the SkyCity Casino in Auckland... > continue


10 Years After

Tuesday 24 November 2009 by legendary_totoro
Just being nostalgic about how fast time passes by... > continue


Summer Recap

Friday 28 August 2009 by legendary_totoro
Summer’s coming to an end and since I haven’t kept in touch, here’s something to compensate... > continue


Hitchhikers @ Fataua

Tuesday 9 June 2009 by legendary_totoro
Last week-end, I was going to use some free time and go for a little walk in the valley of Fataua. > continue

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