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First match of the Championship

Thursday 14 February 2008 by legendary_totoro

On last Friday night (Feb 8th), we received AS Tefana for the first official volleyball match of the championship...

First, you need to know that the match was long awaited by everyone. One because it announces everything is back to normal after the serious problems the Federation faced and second because Pirae and Tefana are 2 of the main contenders to win the Championship. I’m not saying this out of pride because I belong to Pirae but rather because we really do have chance to aim for 1st place, especially if I get better quickly enough

Then you need to know I was switched from the central spiker (blocker) to the setter position. I still have flaws in my technical catalog since I only started training as a setter less than 6 months ago... I think I’m about decent right now so this match was a good way to measure my progression.

I provided the complete article from La Dépèche for a quick review of the match, see details in page 2.

Picture of me jump-setting I’m overall satisfied of my level of play for a first official match. There are indeed still some flaws in my game but you couldn’t expect me to be this quick a learner, especially after over 10 years of experience as a spiker...

My only regret was that I didn’t manage to land a block, which was my defining feature when I was a Central spiker.

Well, this is just a first time but I’m sure there’s a lot of room for improvement.

On another hand, it seems I’ve already been spotted by the journalist who wrote the article. He says I’m being young, tall and left-handed are good attributes for a setter (especially the last 2)...

I don’t know about my youthness (already past 26 years old) but it’s really cool to read such lines. I hope I’ll be able to achieve a lot of feats so that journalist could write again about me XD

I can’t resist the pleasure to brag and post the picture that was taken of me performing a jump-set because my head is really that high (at the top of the net) and because I’m supposed to take the ball right above my head, which is exactly what is shown on that picutre. This way I’m sure my coach will be happy as well to see he’s not saying the same things over and over for nothing =)

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