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Halfway Update

Tuesday 1 April 2008 by legendary_totoro

We reach the first half of the championship as after this match, we will all have faced each other once. Let’s get to the action.

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Fourth Set

From then on, I take every timeout as an opportunity to ease the pain I feel in my body. I even take longer times to catch the ball before getting in position to serve.

Maybe this helped me focusing more on my floating service because I manage to score 3 or 4 points by varying the length on an apparently solid receiver. This allowed us to take a comfortable early lead.
Score : 10-5

They start waking up a bit but we keep enforcing our will to win by keeping the sideout match.
Score : 16-13

At this point, I feel like the game could go to either side. I look at the crowd and find psychological strength in seeing my family cheering for me and my team. This is the first time since I’ve came back that they come to assist to one of my matches. So when Venus started closing the gap at 19-17, this blazing state of mind I had certainly helped us scoring another series of 5 points to reach 24-17 meaning match point for us.

After repeated failure to conclude some spikes (one of my central spiker attacked in the net letting the ball in our camp, his substitute sent a Maverick Missile to the opposite wall, a nasty block on Maka whom Venus anticipated I’d give him a chance too, and a foul in receiving), my main central who’s just came back in managed to end my suffering by his diagonal spike which was slowed by the block but the back end defender couldn’t make it.
Score : 25-21 (3-1)

Following up is the recap from the journalist that was there for La Dépèche.

What happened during the match


Overall, I’m very satisfied by the level of consistency I’ve provided. I didn’t missed more than one or two setting each set which is a very good point. It’s always good to win anyways. ^_^

It’s good to be back in contention for the title at this point. We’ll sure need not to relax too much since we’re heading at Tefana next week for the first match of the second half of the championship.

I hope I’ll be able to heal my injuries during the week in order to be ready for the match versus Tefana. It seems I’ll need to take it easy.

Anyway, here’s the ranking as of today.

Ranking & Calendar

PS : Can you find in this page where I am being mentionned by the journalist ? ^_^

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