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Tahitian Volleyball Championship

The Road to the Championship

Monday 2 June 2008 by legendary_totoro

The 4 best teams are qualified for the play-offs and get points depending on their results : 1st gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points, 3rd gets 1 point and 4th gets 0 point. Each victory is rewarded by 2 points and each defeat by 0 point...

End of the Regular Season

With our last victory against Puna, we’ve done all we could to place ourselves at the highest possible position in order to have an edge over the other teams. We’re tied with both Venus & Tefana for the lead and the set average should determine the leader.

It appears we’ve place second just behind Venus by one set...The 3-0 loss against Tefana and maybe our last victory against Puna 3-1 are the matches that come to mind right now... We really should have ended our match vs Puna by 3-0...

Playoff starts

Full resolution scan available here (if you don’t see the portfolio at the end of the page)

En route !

Anyway, we’ll be playing against Venus, Puna and Tefana (in that order) and the 2 best teams will be playing the grand Finale while the other 2 will play for a ranking match.

The schedule is really tight since we’re playing Venus on Thursday 27th, Puna on Wedsnesday 28th and Tefana on Tuesday 29th while the finals are scheduled for Friday 30th (3rd and 4th places) and Saturday 31th (1st and 2nd places).

We know we must beat at least one (if not both) between Venus and Tefana in order to qualify for the finals. We’ve beaten Venus twice in the regular season so they must be willing to take some revenge on us. We’ve been beaten by Tefana twice as well so we must try to even the score a little bit.


Playoff - Start [100%]

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