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Thursday 12 February 2009 by legendary_totoro

Last week-end, I was invited to a friendly 7-seats SNG. The players were some of my usual poker buddies and some other friends I’ve never played with joined us this time as well.

My Late Arrival

I had several activities that were planned at the last minute while I had already reserved my seat 1 week ago with our host J.

After some family diner at a so called vietnamese restaurant (they can’t even tell the name of their dishes in vietnamese), I had to serve as a taxi driver for one wing of my family because they decided my old car was the right one to get in...oh well.

I arrived some 30 minutes late and hopefully, my friends were kind enough to have waited for me. They’ve discussed what to do with my starting stack and decided to chip me out of the few hands they have been playing when I (finally) arrived.

Once again, I really apologize here and would like to thanks them for their kindness. I had only lost one round of blinds and took my seat on the button. Tell me about a better position to start playing =)


Let’s assume I’m in seat n°1.

I’m assuming seat n°2 is a complete beginner since I’ve never seen him play with us. He is someone I’ve played MtG with so I can’t put him on any level. I’ll just have to play tight against him I guess.

Seat n°3 is our host, he’s been accumulating some poker experience because it seems I missed some other games while I was in Paris. Not a complete rookie, but not too experienced a player I guess. Maybe I can trap him one way or another (remember that mid-experienced players tend to become over confident).

Seat n°4 is some experienced played I’ve played with in my previous game report. It’s tricky to put him on a hand, but when he raises or reraises you, he means business. Beware.

Seat n°5 is another guy I consider experienced since he appeared in almost all of my live games, but he didn’t cash in any of those so maybe I’m just over-estimating him.

Seat n°6 is the 2nd person I’ll label as a rookie player here since he does everything THE BOOK says not to do, playing too many hands, calling instead of raising, etc.

Seat n°7 is my all-time poker buddy. He’s fierce and he knows my play style all too well. Hopefully I have position on him for the whole night.

Shuffle up and deal...

...oh sorry, it’s already been said & done (remember my coming late).

The first few hands weren’t that amazing and I just threw into the muck my rags. First okay hand was a pocket pair of 3s, I limped with 3 other people. 3 over cards but no paint on the flop bet call raise and I fold. They go call call and the turn was another 3.... oh well.

A couple of rags and fold later, I ran into J4o that would have flopped trips and rivered quads Jacks...sick but who plays J4o ? I’d rather have have aces like R. did a couple of hands later, but he didn’t manage to max them out.

First hand I’m really excited about is a pocket pair of 10s. I raise 3xBB in the CO or CO-1 and get called by the SB (seat n°3) and the BB (seat n°4). Flop comes 3 under cards and SB opens, BB calls and I raise, sensing either top pair or middle pair. Then SB folded and BB reraised me... It got me pondering. Did he hit 2 pairs or a set ? There was no straight draw or flush draw and after getting no answer to my "are you really that strong ?", I decided to muck it. I’ll never know it that was the right decision but if I had 2 pairs of a set, I think I would try to raise/reraise people with top pair.

2 blind increases later, I get Qs9s in the SB and raise it up to 3xBB. At least one guy calls (seat n°4) but I’m not too sure about that. Flop comes 599 and I open with a half-sized pot bet. Seat n°4 ponders and min-raises or raises some similar amount. I go into some hollywood acting and finally announce I’m all-in. He doesn’t think twice and quickly calls with pocket 10s. The turn and river doesn’t improve him and I now have a healthy stack. R. is amused by my play preflop since it’s not really my style to play that weak a hand so aggressively. I say to him that the new playstyle of mine for the new year =P and I’ll add I sure had a lot of luck on the flop.

Rock Mode Engaged

Then, I just got into a super tight mode because either I didn’t get any hand at all or I just didn’t want to give back the chips I just got.

In the meantime, the blinds increase and it’s not clear who’s the CL. The 2 rookies exchange a few blows but I don’t think any player I consider dangerous has a real edge of me right now.

Luck & Roll

Seat n°3 is starting to get some chips by playing good poker. I’m impressed by the way he managed to keep me and the others wondering what he had.

But, as I expected earlier, medium experienced player sometimes get overconfident and start getting off of their A-game. Thus, Seat n°3 lost almost all he gained in the previous hands, sorry I don’t remember it too well. Just go by the flow.

The next blind increase gets critical for Seat n°3 and he shoves all-in at some point with me playing last. I look at an unimpressive 7h9h but for 2xBB more, I just couldn’t resist calling. I thought it was good pot odds and that I be around 40-45%, almost a coin-flip. Actually when he flipped over KTo, I was actually more closer to 35%.

The flop came 8xx, the turn came T which did me in for the moment. And the critical J river gave me a sickening straight to bust our host. So, this kind of ridiculous suck out does happen in real games huh ?

So now I’m the CL by a mile and waited for smaller stacks to get even smaller and called Seat n°2’s all-in with KsTs. He flips 44 close coin toss here I guess. Again, that’s not really an auto call or was it ? Pot odds dictated me to call since I only had to call 1.5xBB.

Anyway, flop came Kxx, turn Q river J... Ooooops I did it again !

After that hand we just got ITM with my good friend Seat n°7. We exchange some little pots. People looking at us started to feel he had the upper hand as I began to appear shy again. Then he open shoved all-in and I called with A7o. He flips A3o so it’s definitely not over (lots of tie cards). The flop comes 3xx giving him the lead. He said "I’ve never sucked out like this before" (refering to a previous pot he sucked out in). Turn was another blank and the river came a miraculous 7 "neither did I" was my final words on the hand as I just kept sucking out on all-in situations tonight.

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