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Wednesday 5 December 2007 by legendary_totoro

I’ll first talk about the "virtual" me, that is to say Totoro or legendary_totoro.

Totoro, is a character from a japanese animation movie entitled "My neighbour Totoro".

The credits of the movie go to Hayao Miyazaki. Let me insist on the fact that it’s NOT a webpage about the movie, just my personnal webpage.

This character likes (among other things) to sleep, play with kids (nothing perverted here if you saw the movie) and walk in forests. Strange cross between a cat, an owl and a teddy bear (that’s right ! ^_^), I find he is a lot like myself thus the Totoro part of my nickname.

A lot of Totoros exist online and I coudln’t picture myself as another plain number juxtaposed Totoro (eg : Totoro237). I tried various adjectives before but finally settled for "legendary" as when contracted, "legendary_totoro" becomes "lego" which is a little game I’m fond of.

There you are now, on legendary_totoro’s webpage. Enjoy your visit.



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