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10 Years After

Tuesday 24 November 2009 by legendary_totoro

A friend of mine recently bumped things up about it’s already been 10 years since we graduated from high school. I thought it’s a great opportunity to reflect on things that happened during that period of time...

Ten Years After

Basically, it’s been 10 years since we’ve left high school with our A level. This article will deal with the various aspects of my life ever since. Please bear with me if I’m somewhat too teary while remembering some little things...


For starters, I believe all of my classmates have earned themselves at least a License Degree. Moreover, a big number of them have reached a Master Degree.

I myself have graduated as well from College with a Master Degree in Computer Science and a License Degree in Mathematics.

Regarding work, I’m currently a substitute teacher at my old high-school which isn’t too shabby considering the number of holidays and the income that comes in with clockwork-regularity. Considering the current economic downfall that sure is a plus compared to other "higher" jobs (I don’t know, like engineer ?)

I remember when I was 10-11 years old, I was always saying I wanted to be an archaeologist because I loved sketching and it was related to science (always been my forte). I don’t really know when I started to think about other jobs but I think it’s clear by now that I just love my job and after 8 years of College, that’s a good point.

I’ve talked with some of my childhood friends and it happens that some of them are not too fond of their actual jobs. It’s almost a paradox for all those people who went in and out of College in 5 years... When I look back at those years when I wasn’t too sure of what to do, it’s kinda odd to now realize I probably did the right move by staying in College longer...

****pictures to come here****


I’m now 27 (almost 28) and I’m still single. Not that I’m proud of it but it has its advantages... I don’t want to linger in an unproductive debate on celibate over couple here but in the end it suits my current life-style. I can also add that I have never been the center of discussion in female social circles. I’s true I’m not the play-boy nor the bad-boy type so I usually don’t catch anyone’s attention.

I'll be yours 4ever

With my current activities, I also don’t have a lot of time for partying and socializing, which is probably the main reason why I’m still single. You know, work work work...

Of course I’ve dated some girls in the 10 past years, but nothing too serious came out of it and it was probably my fault every time we broke up...

I hereby send my deepest and sincerest apologies to all the girls I’ve hurt.

[note] Yeah, easy to say on the internet, huh ? If I ever dated you and if we meet again, I’ll definitely properly apologize to you. Deal ? [/note]

Even though some of my relationships lasted more than a couple of months I guess I never was ready for commitment...

On the other hand, several if not a majority of my friends are either in couples or engaged/married (eventually with kids)... That’s pretty amazing everyone found someone they love and established a stable situation at the same time...

I’m happy for them and hope my turn will come soon enough =)

Other Aspects


First thing you see when you compare picture taken at 10 years of each another, is that I’ve gained weight. Well, an easy equation is 10 years = 10 kg... I’ve definitely abandoned my child stature to take up a more massive and rounded shape.

I’m not like a pro wrestler but I’m not too ashamed of myself right now, just have some work to do on that belly fat but overall I’m still in a decent shape. I’m not tired when I climb some stairs up and even if I gained some weight, I haven’t gained too much volume, except for my forehands and my shoulders.

Sometimes I dream my abs will show up a little more... I know they are here. How could I do all these moves in sports if I was totally abs-less ? lol =P

For all those who seek the miracle pill : it doesn’t exists. The only way to lose fat is to lower the amount of what you fill your stomach with and raise the amount of energy you spend on physical activities.

For comparison, my buddies haven’t faced such a weight gain but all of them are still heavier now than 10 years earlier. I guess it’s only natural as one passes from child to adulthood...

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