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I’ve discovered volleyball in Northern France when I was 11y old and I’m still playing now I’m over 25y old. In my "career" I’ve won a couple of medals and competition but most of all, I just love the spirit of the game :
- respect of the integrity of players (separated by the net)
- teamwork (can’t play competitively with one star and five by-standers)
- tactical aspects (lefties are most welcomed, multiple configurations possible)

This section is used to post volleyball game recaps.

This section's articles

Tahitian Volleyball Championship

The Taste of a Repeated Story (Volleyball)

...isn’t that good !
Tuesday 31 March 2009 by legendary_totoro
This article deals with the results of this year’s volleyball championship in Tahiti. > continue


Rebirth of the Center (Volleyball)

Friday 20 February 2009 by legendary_totoro
It’s been a while since I last posted anything related to volleyball, my "used to be" favorite subject of discussion. Here’s some update. > continue

Tahitian Volleyball Championship

The Last Step (on the Stairway to Heaven) (Volleyball)

Tuesday 10 June 2008 by legendary_totoro
Our last victory against Tefana allowed us to join Venus in order to fight for the title. We’re just one match away from it ! > continue

Tahitian Volleyball Championship

The Road to the Championship (Volleyball)

Monday 2 June 2008 by legendary_totoro
The regular season is now over and we’re heading to the play-offs with only one goal : capture the title ! > continue

Tahitian Volleyball Championship

The Saga Continues (Volleyball)

Monday 19 May 2008 by legendary_totoro
This article is a review of our latest match versus Venus > continue

Tahitian Volleyball Championship

The Struggle for the Title (Volleyball)

Thursday 10 April 2008 by legendary_totoro
There are 3 main contenders for the title which are Tefana, Venus and us (Pirae) > continue

Tahitian Volleyball Championship

Halfway Update (Volleyball)

Tuesday 1 April 2008 by legendary_totoro
7 teams competing for the title, each team facing the other 6 two times during the year, now is the time for a little recap... > continue

Tahitian Volleyball Championship

First match of the Championship (Volleyball)

Thursday 14 February 2008 by legendary_totoro
Comments on the first match of the Volleyball Championship > continue

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