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Tuesday 11 December 2007 by legendary_totoro

This guide’s ultimate but yet secret goal is to have you check out the linked websites regularly...

Ctrl+Alt+Del :

This webcomic is about a hardcore gamer named Ethan and his no-less-hardcore gamer friend Lucas. Oh and don’t you dare forget about Zeke, the X-Box based sentient creature...

+EV :

In this webcomic, we follow +EV (online nickname for Positive Expected Value) aka Corbin in his online poker adventures.

Non poker-friendly people beware : you’re getting plot commited to this one

Life’s A Bluff :

Another poker related webcomic. Graphics much better than the previous one but sometimes the characters have different faces from a strip to another...

VG Cats :

Yet another video game related webcomic. This one features a blue and a pink cat as main protagonists. It’s even more hilarious when you actually have played the games, don’t miss this one

Megatokyo :

Largo, some harcore gamer and Spiro a harcore otaku somehow get in Tokyo, the hallowed place for both of them. Now it’s time for Rent-a-zilla, voice actresses and of course B33R !

Warning : 1|= J00 |)0|\|’t 1_|n|)3r5T/\N|) L33t 5p34k 4|| j00r B453 4r3 B3|0Ng |-0 |_15 1n |-0|-4L 0\/\/N3G3 !!111oneoneoneone


A webcomic ala Garfield or Mafalda, where Slick is trying to hook up some hotties with his pimp style and Monique trying to find a decent man with her most interesting aspect : her botty ass
This webcomic is 7 years old and I’m still digging in so I may not know how this develops, but I can already tell I like it =)

Choux romanesco, Vache qui rit et intégrale curviligne : Thanks tidav for sending me this. It’s all about mathematics, math humour, math puzzles, singularities and weirdness, etc... Anyone can comprehend this, no higher degree required.

Warning : French only

Everything-VolleyBall : This is a subsection to this site. This is really a mine of information concerning Volley-Ball : techniques, coaching, equipments, etc... A must see for any volley-ball player.

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