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Poker (generic term for No Limit Texas Hold’Em version, aka NLHE) is said to be a game of skill/luck. I’d rather follow Doyle Brunson’s point of view by saying it’s about making decisions.

I’ve been playing online since 2005 and in live games starting 2006. I’m a medium successful player since I’ve turned my first $5 deposit on Everest Poker into $300ish for example.

Lately I haven’t played much online and started participating in live SNG. Not much variance here and a lot of weak calls and stuff, but in the long run making good decisions should pay off.

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My First Time at a Casino (Poker)

Monday 1 February 2010 by legendary_totoro
Just came back from a 12 days trip to New-Zealand with my family and I took the opportunity to step into the SkyCity Casino in Auckland... > continue


CallifyouDare Claims Another Win ! (Poker)

Tightness, tightness and a lot of luck when going loose
Thursday 12 February 2009 by legendary_totoro
This is yet another poker game recap. > continue


First Live Game in a While (Poker)

Tuesday 15 July 2008 by legendary_totoro
This was my first live game here in Tahiti that wasn’t for peanuts (ie without payouts). I’ve already participated in some live SNG in France and had good results overall so far, let’s see if I could do some nice performance here as well... > continue


1000 SNGs (Poker)

Sunday 3 May 2009 by legendary_totoro
This article deals with the volume of poker games I’ve played online so far at Full Tilt Poker. > continue

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