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Papers, keys and credit cards were stolen

Wednesday 16 January 2008 by legendary_totoro

How do I put this...? Chronologically, yesterday (monday night) I was at the campus’ tennis court and I was intending to register to the badminton club and brought the needed pieces in my pouch. That pouch contained my driving license, my ID card, some cash and my keys (home and car).

I successfully joined the badminton group and started playing a few games. Around 8PM, when I checked my tennis racket and my pouch, they were all gone.... Nobody in the gymnasium saw anyone take it. Yeah I’ve been robbed...

With 24h of perspective, I remember a group of children roaming around the court at the beginning of the tennis session. One of them asked me if he could enter to grab a cup of water and I said he could. Come to think of it, they were still around there when the badminton session started. When I registered, I took out the needed money from my wallet and it might be how it kindled his interest, as I had other bank bills in it...

A rough list of what was stolen is :
- ID card
- Driving license
- Wallet + money
- Car keys
- Home key
- Credit cards
- Mobile phone

I can understand someone in his condition being interested in such a sum of money. What’s somewhat strange is that my tennis racket which is a 20 years old one, with a stranded grip, was also stolen...They were also a lot of stuff to get stolen around but only my things disappeared. Amazingly, it’s the first time anyone heard of a theft...tough luck huh ?

I don’t mean to blame anyone as I’m the one who left my things under no surveyance but who’s in charge of that badminton section ? The theft happened during a time lapse when his responsability was engaged, or is there any paper saying the club’s responsability cannot be engaged for that ?

Well, whatever, I don’t have a spare key for my car so I’ll probably need to change the contact system. I’ve made myself sure noone would be able to use my credit cards, and declared the theft to the police. I’ve started to put up measures to get a reprint of my driving license and ID card. The mobile phone won’t be usable since it still has my chip from France.

So far my bad luck has cost me the money inside my wallet, the time and money needed to get my car back at home, making and changing keys, and processing new papers. The mobile phone also had all of my contacts from France and a lot of personnal message I jealously refused to delete...it had quite a sentimental value... :(

I’m quite depressed about the losses and I will need some time to regroup...

*17th January Update*

Credit cards were blocked, papers are in good way to get reprinted. All that’s left is the key for the car issue.

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