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External Maths STACK (Secondary school Teaching Ability Certificate Kontest)

Saturday 29 March 2008 by legendary_totoro

I took up the examination tests on March 9th and 10th...

This STACK has 2 parts : written part and oral part. You need to pass the written part in order to attend the orals. The written part is composed of 2 subjects, Analysis & Probability and Algebra & Geometry.

This year the Analysis problem dealt with Constant Varying Functions and was 7 parts long. The subject couldn’t possibly be entirely done within the allowed time (5 hours), so I decided I would at best look at 3 or 4 parts.
So I started and managed (I guess) to answer correctly some questions until I reached part 3, which was a shorter one than the first 2.

I ended up losing a lot of time in the first 2 parts and didn’t manage to see there was an easier part later on the subject with a little function study... Since I did great on the 3rd part which was more about a synthesis of the first two, I just hope it will be credited with a lot of points.

I was in a really bad shape the next morning and couldn’t get over that easy part I missed. I entered the second examination night with remorse and couldn’t clear my mind.

Analytic tools on an algebra problem ? No way !

The Algebra problem dealt with arithmetics and prime numbers repartition. It would had been fine with me should we engage it from an Algebra PoV and with Algebra tools. But the approach was more of an analytic one with majorations and other analysis tools...

The subject was divided in two big parts and I barely covered the first since there were lots of holes.

I was performing well on the last few mock examination subjects we took so I was confident I could somehow pass the written part this year in spite of being a 1st year rookie. My dreams somehow shattered at that time and it explains why I haven’t been posting anything lately.

I know there’s still hope since a lot of people didn’t like the 2nd subject, but I think I didn’t score enough points during the first night to break even. The results should be posted around May 19th and in the meantime, we’re preparing the oral part. I for one, realize how it’s important to quickly get over it and start studying for the orals but I just can’t make the jump.

I’m currently still dwelling in the past and as of now, I lack courage and determination to proceed ahead... I'm devastated


ToDo Scan the two head titles of the subjects


  • External Maths STACK (Secondary school Teaching Ability Certificate Kontest)
    5 March 2009
    Le concours du Capes s’approchant à grands pas, j’espère que tu passeras les épreuves sans entrave. Bonne chance !!
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