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Sunday 25 May 2008 by legendary_totoro

A little while ago, I wrote an article where I put down how I felt about my performance during the tests and if you haven’t read it, I was basically saying I felt I’ve done terrible a job...

I don’t wanna sound too brutal here but here it is : I failed the written examination tests.

I was kinda expecting it for 2 months now so it doesn’t really sting that much eventhough it’s still a failure. I haven’t been doing everything I could to pass it since I was involved in a lot of sports activities (volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc) and home work wasn’t going that high.

There are a few positive things to take from these results :
- I now have an experience that will help me pass it in my next attempt(s)
- The path is now clear for next year meaning I can ask for a substitute teacher position as I don’t picture myself going to the cram school again
- I have quite a good start for a rookie in this as sophomores tell me they started under an 8/40 grade (I reached 13/40) on their first try.

Nothing much more to add, here is the uncanny truth :

Test Results

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