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Wednesday 18 March 2009 by legendary_totoro

It’s generally authorized to ask for a copy of a TV show if you participated in, be it some footage, interview or game.

Why is it so complicated for me to get my hands on some footage I was in ??

Friday 6th March 2009

Our volleyball team played against Venus in Mahina for one of the hotest match in the championship. The match would determine the top ranks in the regular season and would certainly have an impact on the flow of the play-offs.

Thus, it was only natural to have some TV coverage of the event.

Sunday 8th March 2009

Our local TV presented in some weekly sports magazine their footage of the previous volleyball match along with other reports on various competitions.

At first, I wasn’t even aware something about our match would be aired in that weekly show. Some of my pupils had to turn me in the info... They said it only lasted a few moments, but that they clearly had recognized me during a block movement.

Monday 9th to Friday 13th March 2009

I’m well aware of my rights to ask for a copy of the footage so I tried calling the TV redaction.

First discouraging thing when you dial their number, is that you get an automated voice from an answering machine. After a couple of seconds listening to the available choices of redirection, you finally get in touch with the sports department.

Here’s when the second sick thing happened : no one answers the damn phone !! I spent several minutes hanging there, hoping for someone to pick up, but there apparently just is no one in here !

What’s all the more frustrating is that I tried to call them every single day this week and still no one... I’ve grown so tired of that after I got redirected to the secretary and still found no one to answer me... are they all on strike or something ??

Saturday 14th to Monday 16th March 2009

I talked about this to my mother who told me she knew someone that knew someone that knew... that oftenly got in touch with the people in charge of delivering the copies. I gave her the date and the name of the show and had good hopes...

...hopes that only got shattered when she came back saying that the name of the reporter would be much needed in order to carry on the research process... I mean COME ON !! It’s not like the whole department has journalists specialized in volleyball !! Why aren’t the date the show aired and the name of the show good enough to find that damn footage ??

Nevertheless, I’ve looked up the name of the journalist and he wasn’t mentionned in the newspaper with the TV program. He wasn’t even listed on the official site...

One of my best guess is that it’s somehow just too much of a hassle for the guy/girl in charge of digging the video up. Seriously, just don’t offer the option if you don’t intend to fulfill it !!

Up to now, I’ve pretty much given up on getting my hands on the footage. So much for my scarce TV time...

Update : Monday 20th April 2009

Here’s some news about that matter : I finally got my hands on something ! Remember the person that knew someone that knew someone ? Well, that person just gave me a DVD with the recorded programs I asked.

And now everything is right in the world again...except it’s not the right footage I got ! There were 2 programs on that DVD both of them centered about the golfing competition which was held at Moorea. If memory serves this event was held AFTER my match and the broadcasting of the magazine I’m looking for...

Two hypothesis rise now :
- the person who asked for me got it wrong (which I highly doubt)
- the person in charge of burning the DVD didn’t do his part.

I’ll let you judge that one for I’m too upset/tired/angry now to have some clear analysis...

To be continued...

If somehow you’re reading this and know either the name of the journalist that made the footage or you know someone that could help me in the process, please contact me. I’m really greedy over that tape...

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