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STACK 2009 Results

Wednesday 20 May 2009 by legendary_totoro

A little while ago, I wrote an article where I put down how I felt about my performance during the tests and if you haven’t read it, I was basically saying I felt I’ve done a better job than last year but still had doubts it would be enough to pass...

The results have been posted last monday (May 18th) and I’m not gonna beat around the bush for too long. Just wanted to say that I was aware the results would be posted that day and when I arrived at work, it was someone else that told me I passed. I rushed into the computer room to confirm with my own eyes and saw that screen :

This is indeed great news since I really wasn’t too proud of my productions on the second night of the written tests. Hopefully, this is a contest where you just have to be better than the others =P

I don’t know how "better" I’ve been compared to others since we don’t have access to the detailed results until everything is over. Thus, I’m not gonna brag too much for now and just celebrate I’ve overcome last year’s situation.

If you recall correctly, I failed last year’s written test by a 3 points margin. This year, I have been regularly working at my cram school within the free time my job has to offer which is about 2-3 afternoons. This full schedule has been going on until December/January 2008 as the end of the year has been particularly busy at school. My break prolonged into February and was followed almost immediately by the written tests.

Overall, I haven’t been studying more than last year but maybe been a substitute teacher in a school somehow helps put things in order or something like that.

Now, there’s only 2 weeks left before school ends and I only have about 1 month to study for the oral tests. I have some confidence this year’s experience as a substitute teacher actually helped me develop my oral skills. There’s still a long way to go so let’s go back to studying !

I’ll keep you posted on how well/bad it goes. The final results are supposed to be posted on July 27th.


  • STACK 2009 Results
    23 May 2009
    Congratulations ! Hopefully you will pass the second round. Good luck !
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