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News : Back from Australia

Saturday 20 December 2008.

======= 04-20-09 =======

I’m done updating my last rant article (for now). All that’s left is to update the last volleyball article with pictures and to talk about my trip to Australia.

Older news on the next page

======= 04-12-09 =======

We just got back from our trip to Australia and I’m working all week long so I’ll try to pos about it as soon as I can find some spare time.

I’ll also have to update my last volleyball article with some pictures and my last rant article with some updates.

======= 03-08-09 =======

I’m taking again the STACK this year, though I didn’t prepare myself as nearly enough as I wished. I’ll be writing about it soon, look for it !

======= 12-20-08 =======

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m currently in holidays in Paris and I’m updating the last article "One month escape" every day or so. Keep following me !!

======= 10-10-08 =======

If last time I was "just"’ lagging behind, now I’m clearly off course ! Plenty of work did me in but I hope to post again soon.

======= 06-02-08 =======

I’m sorry for the delay with the latest article : The Road to the Championship that deals with our playoff matches. I’m very busy at the moment and I’m doing my best to update it eventhough these matches have been played last week...

Yes, the Playoff are over, but I guess you’ll have to stick with me a little more to see what happened...(oh, building up the suspense ! =P)

======= 05-23-08 =======

I’ve been tweaking my banner a little bit, sorry for the inconvenience with the display.

======= 04-20-08 =======

Uploaded the promised video of the TV coverage of our match versus Tefana.

======= 04-07-08 =======

From now on I’ll be validating comments as I’ve been spammed relentlessly the past few weeks.

Not that it would majorly change anything here since you don’t post that many comment...

======= 12-02-08 =======

Too much volley-ball

As some of you may know, I’ve been playing volley-ball for more than half my lifetime. I recently reintegrate the club that shaped me into a more than decent player, aka Pirae Volley Club. Back in France, I was a spiker in central position (focusing on quick attacks and blocks) and somewhat a good one (went up to National Level in club and fetched the National Championship with the University in 2007).

Now that I’m back in Tahiti, things are a bit different. The federation is in a bad shape because of an improper use of funds and there is no championship currently ongoing. There has been a General Assembly convoked and my guess is that a new leading staff has been elected. But I might come back on that matter in another post.

Well, the breaking news is that I’ve been shifted to the Setter position which means I have to pass the ball to the spikers so they can attack (and win points). I’m a complete newbie at this with no particular talent shown yet... It’s been 3 month since I’ve started training at that position and I think I’ve gone a long way...

Still, I’m still very inconsistent in terms of quality of the pass. I can lose a game by myself when I’m not good enough and I can pump up the morale of the team when I perform well, even if the adversity is fierce.

Example : last Friday we played against Venus Team (who on the previous championship) in a tournament and I had a very solid play all game long, making us able to somehow manage against them. We still lost 3-1 but each set we lost we weren’t more than 3 points down. Plus, we did win the 2nd set which is from my point of view quite an achievement.

Counter example : last Tuesday we played against Tefana Team in the semi-finals of said tournament and my play was just horrible. We lost 3-0 and never posed a threat to them... I think our best score was around 25-18 which isn’t really reassuring...

For those who are interested, we finished 3rd on that tournament. We played against Arue and started by losing the first two sets after an epic first one (33-31) and leading in the second (24-23). They weren’t that tough but we just had lots of players missing and a crappy reception guard...well I won’t dwell on that : we won that’s all that matters.

Thing is, with all my experience and my harsh training, I still cannot deliver a proper pass during 5 sets. It’s very frustrating and I know the spikers feel frustrated as well. I know I have a lot of reponsability in the team as I get to touch the ball everytime it’s in our field. There’s also the pressure of making the right choice of spikers and I still have to block and defend...

That’s a lot of things to get through in such a little amount of time, I’m aware of that. It’s just that I don’t take pleasure anymore in the game, not even at the training sessions...

There’s no talking about retiring (I even think I’m in my prime physically speaking) but maybe I’ll need to take a break....and it’s gonna be hard to convince the coach since there’s no substitute at the moment....

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