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Site Updates

I’m currently doing what I can to update my site which I’ve left out dying for 2+ years... So I’m putting up a SPIP version of the site and it will take time for me to fully understand how thing works and to make things display the way I want them to.

Check here often to see what news are up.

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Site Updates

Dedicated Sections (Site Updates)

Monday 23 February 2009 by legendary_totoro
It’s been a while the appearance of the site hasn’t been touched. I made some changes today on the left menu. > continue

Choice of Template (Site Updates)

Monday 3 December 2007 by legendary_totoro
I’ve found myself unable to write all the .css files from scratch so I decided to use someone else’s work... > continue

Getting started with SPIP (Site Updates)

Saturday 1 December 2007 by legendary_totoro
When you read FAQs and tutorials about SPIP, everything revolves around templates... > continue

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