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I’ve always a lot of things to rant about, I may even want to rant about you coming to read my rants ! This place is where I’ll just write down what’s on my mind so I can’t forget what I’m thinking at the moment.

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The Missing Link (Rants )

Wednesday 18 March 2009 by legendary_totoro
This is a rant about the lack of professionalism from our local TV redaction RFO. > continue


The incredible election of the President of French Polynesia (Rants )

Or why people should just shut up and let me stay out of the voting system
Saturday 23 February 2008 by legendary_totoro
About a month earlier, I had some people telling me how wrong I was for not taking the pain to go voting... > continue


Primary results in USA (Rants )

Friday 8 February 2008 by legendary_totoro
I’m giving some thoughts about the results of the Super Tuesday and how medias are handling the whole campaign thing... > continue


No respect for Volley-Ball (Rants )

Friday 18 January 2008 by legendary_totoro
Or how medias and sponsors dictate popularity of sports... > continue


Téléthon (Rants )

Monday 10 December 2007 by legendary_totoro
I’m giving my thoughts about the French Téléthon. > continue


French beauty contest (Rants )

Sunday 9 December 2007 by legendary_totoro
I’m giving my thoughts on the Miss France contest which was being held on December 7th 2007. > continue


SPIP Tutorial (Rants )

Sunday 2 December 2007 by legendary_totoro
Let’s try out the official tutorial, "your first template" > continue

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